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Celeran is a boutique investment and advisory group offering access to growth capital and strategic advisory services to our clients


Celeran offers companies access to growth capital through partnerships with strategic investors and high-net worth individuals. Our partners are looking to invest in relatively established companies that have moved beyond founder financing and are now positioned to become significant players within their industry. It’s Celeran’s goal to ensure that companies get the capital they need from value-added investors who share our client’s passion for growing successful businesses. We strive to facilitate these types of partnerships, because we’ve witnessed firsthand the value it can create.

Strategic Advisory Services Overview

We aren’t just bankers. Celeran is also a builder of businesses—informed, practical, and experienced— providing guidance to help you grow your company. We can help position and prepare companies for a sale or capital infusion, but Celeran can also locate strategic partners, define product and marketing strategies, negotiate JV, and secure customers.

Alternative Investments for Accredited Investors

Celeran offers investment opportunities to high net worth individuals outside the normal realm of publicly traded stocks, bonds and mutual funds as typically offered by brokerage houses with a potential for superior returns.

Private Equity Overview

Celeran equity investment strategy focuses on energy, agriculture, infrastructure, and manufacturing ventures as well as distressed asset restructuring and reorganization.

The Digital Catalyst fund is seed venture fund focused on consumer internet in the media space. It benefits from an expert group LPs with both financial and technical backgrounds as well as an advisory board that sits some of the premier Media executives in the world. Portfolio companies include Blend systems, whom have received over $8 million in venture funding from some of the biggest names in venture capital, namely: NEA, Foundation Capital and Stylitics, one of the hottest mobile apps in fashion on the New York scene.

Our Focus

access to growth capital and strategic advisory services

Celeran also offers alternative investment opportunities for accredited investors. Through its strategic partnership with a US based investment bank, Celeran has increased its scope and breadth to offer its clients increased access to capital.

Celeran’s private equity investments under development, exceed 500 million Euro, and are focused in companies and technologies that can best solve the problems of pollution, climate change, and shortages of food, water, and energy. Celeran’s investments are located in the underserved markets of EE — places where risk is balanced by outsized opportunity.

Celeran’s founders combine banking with extensive operating venture establishment experience.

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Cristian Burci

Cristian is an entrepreneur and investor with over 25 years experience in Romania and the region. Founder of a diverse group of more than 500 local, regional and global enterprises. Cristian has been a visionary in Romania, credited with pioneering the media and advertising industry, consolidating local freight constructors into Europe’s largest manufacturer with over 45% of EU’s railcar manufacturing capacities employing in excess of 12.000 in 6 countries. Building on this entrepreneurial success Cristian is now focusing on providing strategic advisory services to global energy, technology and industrial enterprises looking for strategic partners in CEE, Middle East, Central Asia and North and Eastern Africa.
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Dan graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BS in Finance from the Wharton School of Business and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Moore School of Engineering. He has over 20 years entrepreneurial and management experience in Romania and the region having established and managed successful start-ups in fields ranging from advertising (pioneer in the Romanian market) to media (TV and print) to IT (largest PC distributor in Romania with sourcing offices throughout Asia), heavy industry (Romanian based railcar manufacturer – largest in Europe) to waste management. Dan also has extensive public sector experience having served both on the Board and as CEO of Romania’s national rail freight company. Dan has the ability to successfully implement complex projects integrating international experience with an in depth understanding and knowledge of Romania and the region.


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